The Adults - Nothing To Love (Live Music Video)

Here is a tasty band from New Zealand known as The Adults.  This is their music video, recorded live, to their song titled Nothing To Lose. Enjoy! GC

The Adults - Nothing to Lose

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Gaby Moreno - Stripped bare and raw, three great Illustrated Songs live.

I love Gaby Moreno so much. Her music is just wonderful! She plays in everything from full blown electric rock bands all the way down to keeping it simple, unplugged and acoustic. She jumps from from English to Spanish songs as she crosses genres with grace and style.

Below is a recent 2011 performance of Gaby Moreno on NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert with her friend Adam Levy sitting with her on guitar. She performs three original songs, all so sweet and captivating, finishing with a song she wrote titled Sing Me Life which is sort of a call to arms to not let outside powers rule ones world. It got my mind wandering the way great songs do. The studio version is great too and has a tasty feel and production. Actually her entire record, Illustrated Songs, is like that. Enjoy! GC

(set list)
0:00 "No Regrets"
2:42 "Ave Que Emigra" (Bird That Migrates)
7:15 "Sing Me Life"

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***Gaby Moreno update: Since this post was originally posted in August of 2011, Gaby has transcended beyond "indie" status when she was signed to Metamorfosis‎ Records in March of 2012. In November, 2013, Gaby won the Latin Grammy in the category for Best New Artist, something the MusicTelevision.Com Family had proclaimed several times prior to that as far back as 2006 :)

See the video to a song from Gaby's latest 2014 Christmas Album:

Enjoy these additional Gaby Moreno performances, filmed live with excellence:

Gaby Moreno performing live in Paris

Gaby Moreno performs on Treble Clef Live :)

Gaby Moreno performs a live take of Quizás, Quizás, Quizás


Tasty music out of Mexico. Enjoy!

Hear clips and download MP3 tracks off the Best of Jose Feliciano - click image below :)

Ayo "Black Spoon" unplugged

Here is one of our most favorite artists who seems way too under the radar.  Her name is Ayo.  In this video below she performs her song entitled Black Spoon, for the French website, that has featured many unique artist presentations over the years such as this great recording of Nneka. Enjoy! GC

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The Mitchell Brothers - Live at Kulak's Woodshed

posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Young brothers, kids of a former music student of mine, writing their own songs.

The Mitchell Brothers perform their original song entitled "Please" at Kulak's Woodshed.

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Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady - Live at Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is a 1972 film directed by Chuck Wein that features footage from a Jimi Hendrix concert, and a short piece of conversation between Pat Hartley, Wein and Hendrix. It was mainly financed by Hendrix manager Mike Jeffery, hence his appearance. The film is about Pat Hartley's "spiritual awakening" via a visit to the 'Rainbow Bridge' planetary meditation cult on Maui, where, as part of the proceedings Jimi Hendrix visits to play a concert during a 'Rainbow Bridge' mass meditation/colour/sound "experiment". The "Rainbow Bridge" concert was a free concert by Jimi Hendrix that was held on July 30, 1970, in a horse pasture above Seabury Hall, on the "Upcountry" slopes of Haleakala, the volcano that makes up 75% of the island of Maui, Hawaii, although it probably last erupted in the 17th century, it is officially considered as being active.

A modest audience of a few hundred island hippies, surfers, and students turned up following announcements that Hendrix would play a free concert for a film. Hendrix was also in Hawaii to play the last concert on his 'Cry of Love' tour with his reformed 'Jimi Hendrix Experience' (with Billy Cox replacing Noel Redding on bass & backing vocals. Mitch Mitchell & Cox were also previously members of Gypsy Sun and Rainbows). The director Chuck Wein introduced Hendrix' performance (no mention of a group name) as the driving force of this 'Rainbow Bridge' "experiment" , (this title is often mistaken as being the name of the site of this concert rather than the name of this "Planetary meditation" cult, an extension of the Gaia hypothesis into spiritual realms). The original cut, not surprisingly used very little of the concert footage, as this was not intended to be a concert film and no music from the performance was released on the official Reprise LP "Rainbow Bridge- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" for contractual reasons and due to the original music soundtrack being unreleasable due to its very substandard sonic quality on account of strong winds that day. The album does include, however, the studio tracks featured in the film. However, the music from the concert was distributed as a bootleg recording for three decades, before Radioactive Records released this same bootleg recording on the 2003 album, The Rainbow Bridge Concert: The Early Show until it was withdrawn due to a court action by 'Experience Hendrix' which makes this officially a 'bootleg' CD release. The 'Rainbow Bridge' concert was the penultimate performance by Hendrix in the United States, his last was two days later on August 1, 1970, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hendrix died less than two months later on September 18, 1970 in London, England

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Other Lives - Live on KEXP Seattle

Gregory J. Chamberlain

The radio station KEXP out of Seattle, Washington is one of my favorite eclectic stations out there. Their YouTube channel that features video of many of the stations on air performances. Not only does KEXP bring in some incredible talent, they record amazing audio and terrific video of these outstanding events. It's hard not to be in awe of the work KEXP does.

Major kudos to the following people who made the videos of the band below happen:
Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Carlton Eide, and Cassidy Turner
Editing: Jim Beckmann

Below are videos of a etherial band known as Other Lives. Enjoy!

Other Lives and their track entitled For 12

Other Lives and their track entitled Tamer Animals

Other Lives and their track entitled Weather

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