Crosby Stills Nash - Long Time Gone


Crosby Stills Nash - Long Time Gone

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Trixie Whitley

Trixie Whitley, MusicTelevision.Com, Music Television, Gregory J. Chamberlain

A girl walking with emotionally sensitive depth in the now, Trixie Whitley does it her way. Her music is grounded in authenticity so rare in this age of manufactured talent shows and misguided stardom. Whitley's pure soul is so deep it transcends and forgets genres, in her minimalist state with just her and her guitar or piano, or with a full band and/or studio recording.

Favorite recordings of Ms. Whitley's may indeed be her raw unpolished live takes with one mic and her instrument of choice. They kill you every time with her uncontrived way of laying it down that takes listeners all the way there to feel it.

When I first heard this stripped down live version of Whitley's song titled Breathe You In My Dreams, I fell in love with it immediately, not knowing it's a live recording until hearing the applause at the end, made it even more appetizing, because one realizes this is as raw as it gets. I eventually found the video of the performance, below, and it's a most beautiful performance. Although the recording is raw and unpolished since it was recorded on a camera based microphone, she transcends the sonic limitations.

Breathe You In My Dreams (Live at Rockwood Music Hall)

Connect direct with Trixie Whitley at TrixieWhitley.Com

Vintage Trouble Community Choir

The LA based soulful rock band known as Vintage Trouble produced this video with a full choir and their holiday message.

Vintage Trouble Community Choir "The World's Gonna Have To Take A Turnaround"

Connect direct with Vintage Trouble Community Choir at VintageTrouble.Com

Pink - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (LIVE fan shot video)

Led Zeppelin song performed live by Pink in Luxembourg.

Led Zeppelin - Bade I'm Gonna Leave You (Live in Denmark - 1969)

Studio Version - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zeppelin

Connect direct with Pink at PinksPage.Com

Connect direct with Led Zeppelin at LedZeppelin.Com


Esperanza Spalding - Live in Copenhagen

Connect direct with Esperanza Spalding at EsperanzaSpalding.Com


Nina Simone (live in 1965 - Antibes Jazz Festival)

Classic footage of Nina Simone at the Antibes Jazz Festival in the South of France in 1965.

Connect direct with the official Nina Simone site at NinaSimone.Com

Nina Simone - Suzanne (Live in Rome in 1969)

MusicTelevision.Com presents Nina Simone
Nina Simone - Fan art by Paintedgrass
Thanks to the beautiful blissful soul, Ava in Venice, for this song pick :) Happy Thanksgiving and Peace to all :) GC

Connect direct with the official Nina Simone site at NinaSimone.Com

You're in for a Big Surprise - feat. Donna McElroy

The legendary keyboardist/Hammond B3 player and soul vocalist Mike Finnigan wrote: "A performance from a Berklee College of Music tribute to Ray Charles. My good friend, Darell Katz, wrote this wonderful arrangement...". This song features the vocals of Donna McElroy. Enjoy! gc


Sade - clips from her Bring Me Home Tour

Soldier of Love

Your Love Is King


Kiss Of Life

Love is Found

In Another Time

Smooth Operator


Bring Me Home

Is It A Crime

Love Is Stronger Than Pride

All About Our Love


Nothing Can Come Between Us

Morning Bird

King of Sorrow

The Sweetest Taboo

The Moon and The Sky


No Ordinary Love

Connect direct with Sade at Sade.Com

Music Television presents Sade


Theresa Andersson - Inspired loop genius and much more...

This first song is the one that put Theresa Andersson on the MusicTelevision.Com map several years ago. Using creative techniques to loop her voice into layers of harmonies along with drum and guitar sounds, Ms. Andersson and her one woman band has an inspired & contagious sound that transcends this grainy fixed angle webcam style video & low-fi audio recording. This is all live, with no overdubs or post production... right in her own New Orleans kitchen.

Theresa Andersson - Birds Fly Away

And below are more inspired performances of Theresa and her one woman band, live at Le Petit Theatre in the French Quarter, New Orleans. A very entertaining DVD of the entire night's performance is available at this link inside her website.

Theresa Andersson - Blue Skies

Theresa Andersson - Oh Mary

Connect direct with Theresa Andersson at

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Avery Sunshine

Music Television presents Avery Sunshine

Here is what we mean when we think someone's music has that "it" thing:

Just below is a classic video clip of a rising artist known as Avery*Sunshine when she was working out her song titled I've Got Sunshine. This simple one or two mic recording in a rehearsal room and shot on one fixed angle camcorder captures the true essence of Ms. Sunshine: Her songwriting process, her soul and her inspired and true indie spirit. The studio version of the song has had success on influential radio stations worldwide and we were happy to even hear the studio version being piped in while sunning on the pool deck at Loews Hotel. Top hotels are now known as top curators of music to create the right vibe for their guests. So, that is a feather in Sunshine's cap.

Connect direct with Avery Sunshine at AverySunshine, and and at

Photo of Avery Brown at top of this post from a photo shoot with Shannon McCollum - Styling by Luxurie Browne

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Allen Stone

Allen Stone - Unaware (live from his mother's living room)

Live performance and interview at one of the greatest indie radio stations on the planet, KEXP-FM. Stone performs five songs: What I've Seen at 0:38, Contact High at 3:22, Interview at 6:27, Unaware at 14:00, and Satisfaction at 20:00.

Connect direct with Allen Stone at AllenStone.Com


Connect direct with KEXP at KEXP.Org


Sly & The Family Stone - Thank You (Vintage Soul Train Performance)

This is a great live performance of Sly & The Family Stone, live on Soul Train. This is not a lip sync, it's really live playing & singing! Enjoy!

Connect direct with Sly Stone at SlyStone.Com

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Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas is a wonderful artist whose music speaks for itself. With rare authenticism, her sound will sweeten your soul. Just listen! GC

Lianne La Havas - Age (live on Later with Jools Holland)

Lianne La Havas - Tease Me (Live at Servant Jazz Quarters club in the U.K.)

Connect direct with Lianne La Havas at LianneLaHavas.Com, Facebook.Com/LianneLaHavas, Twitter.Com/LianneLaHavas and Instagram.Com/LianneLaHavas

Bill Withers Classics

Music That Speaks for Itself

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine

Bill Withers - Use Me

Connect direct with Bill Withers at BillWithers.Com :)


Grace Potter

Grace Potter Rocks Live!

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Low Road

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - White Rabbit (the Jefferson Airplane song)
Live Concert Footage

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - One Short Night

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Things I Never Needed

Connect direct with Grace Potter at GracePotter.Com

The Dø

Out of Paris, France, Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy make up the pop duo known as The Dø. The music speaks for itself :)

The Dø 'The Wicked & The Blind' - Live Session at Studio Pigalle

The Dø 'BWOJ' - Live Session at Studio Pigalle

Connect direct with The Dø at TheDoMusic.Com,, and


Groundation - Humility (official video) and full concert film at Paleo Festival 2012 in Switzerland

Here is a great California group who has become one of the finest international Roots Reggae groups anywhere!

Here is a full length (1 hour 17 minute) concert film of Groundnation performing at the Paleo Festival 2012 - Switzerland.

Connect direct with Groundation at Groundation.Com


Staple Singers - Wade in the Water (Live in Late 1960's)

There is nothing quite cooler than The Staple Singers on Sunday morning. Caught this song this morning via the legendary Hammond B3 player, keyboardist and amazing soul vocalist, Mike Finnigan and what is known as his Sunday Moanin' post each Sunday on his personal Facebook page.

Connect direct with The Staple Singers at TheStapleSingers.Com



Back in April 2011, the only Eskimo I think I know, recording artist/producer Kelly Moneymaker, turned me onto Jerle Bernhoft, a.k.a. Bernhoft, who has been emerging for years and fine tuning his own brand of soul music in his native country of Norway.

I just came across another one of his latest videos which he breaks from his usual pattern of being a one man band running loops, being a beatbox and playing multiple guitars all while singing his ass off. In this live performance video, he simply sits down at the piano and sings.

Bernhoft - Stay With Me

Connect direct with Bernhoft at Bernhoft.Org

Click on the following links to hear and see even more fantastic songs and music videos by Bernhoft.

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Kim Churchill - Tides (Raw Unplugged Music Video)

Have you heard Kim Churchill?

He is a young surfer who has been traveling the world as a true professional independent recording artist while sticking to as many coastal regions as possible along the way, so he can surf when he is not on stage performing. Here is a repost of a tasty raw unplugged video recorded in the middle of a cold Australian winter. I spoke to Kim and asked him about this clip and he said his fingers were nearly freezing off when he was playing this. As you'll hear, this is a really great song and excellent performance. Enjoy! GC

Kim Churchill - Tides (Raw Unplugged)

Connect direct with Kim Churchill at KimChurchill.Com,,, and


Classic - Peter Frampton - Live on Midnight Special (1975)

When Peter Frampton hit big with Frampton Comes Alive, a dual vinyl album, he might have been one of the top 10 coolest things in America at the time. Saw Foghat open for Frampton at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim. Festival seating, which meant no seats.... standing room only. One big party. Tons of weed. I was only in Jr. High School. That was the way it was back then.

Just below is a sweet music television performance from one of the only real great shows on the air at the time that broadcast real live concerts.

Do You Feel Like We Do - Live on Midnight Special

Below is the version right off the album... it's priceless, the sound. When it came out, it was hot stuff. Still sounds fantastic!

Connect direct with Peter Frampton at PeterFrampton.Com


The Pierces

Sisters Allison Margaret Pierce and Catherine Eleanor Pierce make up the band known as The Pierces.

The Pierces - You'll Be Mine (Live)

Connect direct with The Pierces at ThePiercesMusic.Com

Noora Noor

MMMMMMmmmmmmmm..... Here is Somalian soul artist Noora Noor who happens to be from Norway. All the performances below were broadcast on Norwegian TV. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Noora Noor - What Man Have Done (Live on Norwegian TV)

Noora Noor - Funky Way" (Live on Norwegian TV)

Noora Noor - Ocean of Me (Live with Norwegian Radio Orchestra)

Connect direct with Noora Noor at


Remembering Miles Davis - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival -1973

Today is the birthday of Miles Davis, who needs no introduction. However, for those too young to know who Miles Davis was when he was alive, here is a great way to figure it out. Enjoy! - Peace Love Groove, GC

Connect direct with the official Mules Davis webpage at MilesDavis.Com


Under Pressure - David Bowie and Annie Lennox with Queen

Rehearsal before the tribute to Freddy Mercury :)

The Real Show! (April 20, 1992)

Connect direct with Queen at QueenOnline.Com

Connect direct with David Bowie at DavidBowie.Com

Connect direct with Annie Lennox at AnnieLennox.Com

Dead Sara

first heard Dead Sara by way of the Sunset Sessions and stumbled upon this bookmark I saved a couple of years back. Thought and still think the leader of this band rocks. She transcends the crappy recording and jiggly video. This particular recording was made in December of 2007. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Dead Sara - Sorry For it All

Connect Direct with Dead Sara at DeadSara.Com


Cha Sun Chong - Our Kindergarten Teacher

Seriously, can't help but love this, for the expression the faces of these young guitarists. One might think youngsters like this would be trained like robots to pull this off, but they each have a level of bliss that is priceless and it seems the groove they have is real. They hear it, they feel it, they get it. - Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Choir of Young Believers - Hollow Talk

Choir of Young Believers - Hollow Talk (Live on KEXP)

Connect direct with Choir of Young Believers at


Toots Hibbert - I've Got Dreams To Remember

Connect direct with Toots at

Queen of Soul

Had seen this particular clip long ago, but today saw it again via Mike Finnigan's Facebook page and had to repost for your enjoyment. Mike wrote: "Everybody knows she's one of the greatest singers evah, but check out her piano playing!" - Enjoy! gc

Aretha Franklin - Don't Play That Song - (Live 1970)

Lisa Marie Presley - Over Me (Rehearsal Footage)

Here is a May 8, 2012 rehearsal video of Lisa Marie Presley & her band performing the song "Over Me" from her most recent release titled Storm & Grace. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Connect direct with Lisa Marie Presley at LisaMariePresley.Com

Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Down By The River - Live at Esalen - 1969

LiveMusicTelevision.Com presents Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Classic clip of CSNY live at Big Sur (Esalen Institute), California, September 14, 1969. Neil Young (vocal, guitar), Stephen Stills (guitar, vocal), David Crosby (guitar, vocal), Graham Nash (keyboards), Greg Reeves (bass), Dallas Taylor (drums).

Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Down By The River (Live at Esalen in 1969)

The Loose Marbles - New Orleans Street Band

The Loose Marbles
The Loose Marbles perform on the streets of New Orleans
This song post via Mike Finnigan who is on the road with Bonnie Raitt at present and in New Orleans for a show. He posted the following to his Facebook page:
"I've been coming to New Orleans for 40 years, and it's always a treat. It's got more character than any city in America. A place where the cultural traditions of the people that make up America are honored and celebrated. A day in New Orleans just makes ya feel better than you did, even if you felt good when ya got here. There's music and art all around, all the time, and everywhere I look I see something inspiring, delightfully shabby, charming, shocking, funny. Our hotel in the French Quarter is 125 years old, but comfortable and humming with activity. Life is good..."
Thank you Mike! GC

The Loose Marbles - New Orleans Street Band

Connect direct with the Loose Marbles at


The Beatles - Love Is All You Need

The Beatles - Love Is All You Need - (Live Broadcast - 1967)

Connect direct with The Beatles at Beatles.Com


Gospel Brunch

via Mike Finnigan and his "Sunday Moanin'..." Facebook post:

Shirley Caesar - I Feel Like Praising Him

Speaking of Mike Finnigan.....

Mike Finnigan and Friends - Let Me See the Light

Connect direct with Mike Finnigan at PhantomBluesBand.Com

Connect direct with Shirley Caesar at


Remembering Levon Helm - May 26, 1940 – April 19, 2012

Bob Lefsetz brought the death of Levon Helm to his readers attention in this post on his blog/newsletter. Dug on YouTube and found this wonderful classic footage of Levon Helm with The Band performing live at The Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA, on November 1st, 1970. The songs: Time to Kill, The Weight, This Wheel's on Fire and Up on Cripple Creek. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove GC

The Band: Levon Helm, Drums; Robbie Robertson, Lead Guitar; Rick Danko, Bass Guitar; Richard Manuel, Piano and Keyboards; Garth Hudson, Keyboards (lots of them).

Connect direct with the official website for Levon Helm at LevonHelm.Com


The Allman Brothers at The Fillmore East - 1970

Music Television presents the Allman Brothers band at The Fillmore East September 23, 1970

Here is a fantastic live recording of the original Allman Brothers Band performing their song titled Whipping Post, live at the Fillmore East, New York City on Sep 23, 1970. Turn it up, sit back and enjoy! GC

The Allman Brothers - Whipping Post

Connect direct with the Allman Brothers Band at AllmanBrothersBand.Com


Nneka - Artist of Substance on Occupy Nigeria and her Vagabonds in Power movement.

There is one artist whose music really means something. Not only does the music groove for days and days, but this artist always says something important and it's usually heavy. Once again, very proud to feature a real global artist of substance, Nneka, as she talks about the Occupy Nigeria movement where she spent time on the ground in early 2012. Nneka's music consistently challenges the status quo of where corruption in government meets crony capitalism, as she stumps for the common country folk in her native homeland of the Niger Delta region of Africa. Some of her songs start off, and you think you are hearing a love song, to hear it evolve into a heavy geo-political statement. And, if you think, you go .... Wow. Think! Peace Love Groove, GC

Short Documentary - Occupy Nigeria: Nneka on the "Vagabonds in Power"

Here is Nneka performing Vagabond in Power at Les Vieilles Charrues Festival (LIVE - 2009)

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com

The Emotions - More Classic Footage from Wattstax

The Wattstax music festival took place on August 20, 1972, at the Los Angeles Collusium on the seven year anniversary of The Watts Riots. The festival was organized by the legendary Memphis record label, Stax Records. Tickets were priced at $1.00 each. Nearly the entire Stax artist/band roster performed at the festival. 100,000 people showed up for what was been dubbed by many as the "Black Woodstock".

A documentary film entitled WATTSTAX was released in 1973. All of the music and speeches from social activists was beautiful captured. One performance which was added to the documentary was not shot at the concert itself, but from a church in the heart of Watts. The first time I heard this track, tears streamed from my eyes. This is the real deal, gospel that will take you there.... all the way. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

The Emotions - Peace Be Still (Live church performance for Wattstax Documentary - 1972)

The Emotions are still at it! Connect direct at

Movie trailer for Wattstax

Buy the DVD of the entire festival at Wattstax.Com

Rufus Thomas performs Breakdown at Wattstax Festival (1972)

The Wattstax music festival took place on August 20, 1972, at the Los Angeles Collusium on the seven year anniversary of The Watts Riots. The festival was organized by the legendary Memphis record label, Stax Records and tickets were priced at $1.00 each. Nearly the entire Stax artist/band roster performed at the festival. 100,000 people showed up for what had been dubbed by some (at least the producers) as the "Black Woodstock".

In 1973, the documentary film titled Wattstax screened at the Cannes Film Festival. It was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Documentary Film in 1974.

Something I noticed is that the film production it that it was all credited to white producers: David Wolper Productions, Larry Shaw and Mel Stuart.  Were there no black TV producers back then who could have secured those positions?  In that regard, we have come a long way 40+ years later, in that there are some serious black film, TV and music producers who have broken down the doors and changed the landscape of opportunity.

Regardless of those observations, watching this historic film footage and hearing the music from this festival is like entering some sort of funky soul heaven. Enjoy! GC

Rufus Thomas performs Breakdown at Wattstax Festival (1972)

Movie trailer for Wattstax

Buy the DVD of the entire festival at Wattstax.Com


The songs below are by a gifted girl who can sit down at the piano and sing her ass off with no pomp or circumstance and deliver the goods with exceptional perfection. Her sensitive and emotionally driven angelic voice is mind alteringly beautiful. Enjoy!

"Without A Word" by Birdy from her self titled debut album

Connect direct with Birdy at OfficialBirdy.Com and on Facebook at

Jethro Tull - My God

Live at Tanglewood July 7, 1970

Connect direct with Jethro Tull at JethroTull.Com

Music Television, Jethro Tull, My God, Thick as a Brick
Music Television: Where MUSIC is the ONLY REALITY!

Kimbra - Two Way Street (live at Sing Sing)

Kimbra, the New Zealand songstress, is exceptional. Especially love this live recording at Sing Sing studios in Melbourne, Australia. Enjoy! GC

Kimbra - Two Way Street (live at Sing Sing Studios)

See six more fantastic videos of Kimbra at:

Connect direct with Kimbra at KimbraMusic.Com



NNEKA - HEARTBEAT (Live from Rome Piazza di Popolo)

"One of the great rising artists of substance anywhere is Nneka." GC

NNEKA - HEARTBEAT (Live 2009 performance at the Piazza di Popolo in Rome, Italy)

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com

Bobby Womack

Hours ago, Bootsy Collins posted a message to his Facebook page that soul legend Bobby Womack has been diagnosed with some serious health issues and has been hospitalized for pneumonia. Later after Bootsy spoke with Bobby, Bootsy posted again and wrote: "I JUST SPOKE TO OUR FRIEND BOBBY WOMACK. He Wanted You All to Know That He Loves You & Thxs for the Prayers. Docs Says He Is In 1st Stage of Colon Cancer, He is Very Up Beat About His Future, we laughed & joked before we hung up. Thxs Funkateers, we will get him Back on the One! — with Michael Howard."

Bobby Womack - Get Well Soon Brother :)

Our love and positive vibes go out to you Bobby, for your speedy elimination and full recovery from all of your health issues.

Bobby has has a new album coming out in June 2012 to be titled The Bravest Man in the Universe. A sound snippets is available on his website.

Here is a classic video of Bobby Womack with Todd Rundgren in the studio, via bassist Les July who had posted this to his Facebook page. Enjoy!

And... click here to listen to a fun track:
Bootsy Collins featuring Bobby Womack & Catfish Collins - Don't Take My Funk Away

Connect direct with Bobby Womack at BobbyWomack.Com

Connect direct with Bootsy Collins at BootsyCollins.Com

Connect direct with Todd Rundgren at


Brother Sal

Heard about Brother Sal via a soulful LA indie artist I follow by the name of Joel Eckels who I originally saw perform in tasty group known as Paper Sun. He also has a project, Joel Eckels & The Wreckards. Both Joel Eckels and Brother Sal are playing March 26th with The Ladies Gun Club at the Room 5 Lounge - 143 N La Brea, Los Angeles CA. Enjoy!

Brother Sal - Blood & Dust

Brother Sal - Good ol Boys

Connect direct with Brother Sal at TheBrotherSal.Com


Live Music Television presents Ayo

Ayo - Love and Hate (LIVE @ New Pop Festival in 2007 in Baden-Baden, Germany)

Ayo - Down on My Knees (Live with full band) (host speaks until 2 minute point - scroll past if you don't speak French)

Ayo, performing her song entitled Black Spoon, for the French website that has featured many unique artist presentations over the years.
Ayo - Black Spoon (Live Acoustic)

Connect direct with Ayo at,, and


The Persuaders - Thin Line Between Love and Hate

It is a must to pay tribute and love to the godfather of soul music on TV, the late great Don Cornelius. This clip of Mr. Cornelius introducing The Persuaders is as exciting now as it was when it first aired. Many early shows of Soul Train had full bands playing live and other times, vocal groups singing live to pre recorded instrumental tracks. There was much lip sync activity in later years. It appears this may be live vocals to a pre recorded instrumental track. What do you think? Regardless, this is real sweet stuff. GC

The Persuaders - Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Connect direct with The Persuaders, who are still at it, at ThePersuaders.Net

Connect direct with the legacy of Don Cornelius and Soul Train at SoulTrain.Com



MusicTelevision.Com presents Nneka (photo by Gregory J. Chamberlain)
Photo of Nneka in soundcheck mode at the Troubador, Hollywood

Come with Me - (live unplugged in France on madmoiZelle TV)

Do You Love Me Now - (Stellar live acoustic version with Nneka speaking about her backstory :)

God of Mercy (Live in France at Vieilles Charrues Festival - 2009)

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com


The Police

Here are a mix of live clips and music videos from one of the greatest rock trios of all time, The Police. Turn it up loud and enjoy! GC

Driven To Tears (Audio begins at 22 second point)

When The World Is Running Down

Message In A Bottle

Man In A Suitcase

Connect direct with the official website of The Police at ThePolice.Com

Rest In Peace Ronnie Montrose - 1947-2012

In the early 70's, there were some great rock bands. I was just a kid when I heard one of the baddest cats on the block: guitarist Ronnie Montrose. Sammy Hagar played in Ronnie's band known simply as Montrose. Ronnie had dozens of other collaborations with a very diverse range of artists and bands. Montrose himself, influenced entire legions of guitarists who have come up through the ranks, such as Eddie Van Halen. But, Ronnie and Sammy was the most killer combination that was so out of this world when it first came out, that it put Montrose on the map with this little kid who was living in Irvine, California. Ride that bad motor scooter all the way to rock & roll heaven, Ronnie.

Montrose - Bad Motor Scooter featuring Sammy Hagar (Live - 1974)

Connect direct with the official Ronnie Montrose site at RonnieMontrose.Com

Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights (live on KCRW-FM)

Here is one of Eric Clapton's favorite cats, Gary Clark Jr., performing his own music live on the fantastic Santa Monica College radio station, KCRW broadcasting from my neighborhood of Santa Monica, California. Enjoy! GC

Connect direct with Gary Clark Jr. at GaryClarkJr.Com

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child (Live)

Here is tasty live performance of Voodoo Child (Slight Return) by Jimmy Hendrix and his band in Stockholm, 1969. Enjoy! GC

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child (Live)

Connect direct with the official Jimi Hendrix legacy website at JimiHendrix.Com


LiveMusicTelevision.Com presents live filmed music performances by Kimbra
Kimbra in the recording studio. 

Kimbra is exciting, inspired and remarkable! Her live recordings and videos, such as those featured below, are as exciting and interesting as her studio recordings. Enjoy!

Kimbra - Plain Gold Ring (Nina Simone) - Live at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne AU

Kimbra - "Two Way Street" (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

Kimbra - "Cameo Lover" (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

Kimbra - A Mashup of "Two Weeks - Head Over Heels"

Connect direct with Kimbra at KimbraMusic.Com,,, and

Eric Clapton and Sheryl Crow

Eric Clapton and Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake

Eric Clapton and Sheryl Crow - Tearing Us Apart (69th Regiment Armory, NYC - Sept. 12, 1996)

Connect direct with Eric Clapton at EricClapton.Com

Connect direct from Sheryl Crow at SherylCrow.Com

Bonnie Raitt With Norah Jones

onnie Raitt With Norah Jones - I Don't Want Anything To Change

Bonnie Raitt With Norah Jones - Tennessee Waltz

Connect direct with Norah Jones at NorahJones.Com

Connect direct with Bonnie Raitt at BonnieRaitt.Com

Buy the entire DVD/CD featuring more performances from Bonnie Raitt and Friends (with Bonus DVD)

Bob Marley - Live on Old Gray Whistle Test (1973)

Bob Marley & The Wailers perform live in 1973 on the BBC2 television show, Old Grey Whistle Test. Enjoy! GC

Bob Marley - Stir It Up

Bob Marley - Concrete Jungle

Connect direct with the Official site of Bob Marley at BobMarley.Com

Bob Marley, Music Television
Music Television where MUSIC is the ONLY REALITY!

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Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody (Live at North Sea Jazz Fest)

I'm Chaka Khan's biggest fan. I greet people and say goodbye with the phrase "Chaka Khan". Ask any of my friends! Have never ever seen or heard Chaka Khan with a sloppy band. Always love to watch both early and recent films of of the Queen of Funk and happy to have found this great live take which is new to me. GC

Connect direct with Chaka Khan at ChakaKhan.Com

The North Sea Jazz Festival happens each July.

The first edition of the North Sea Jazz Festival took place in 1976 in the Nederlands Congresgebouw in The Hague. In those early days there were six venues, three hundred artists and about nine thousand visitors. In the very first festival year, internationally renowned jazz legends performed, such as Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie and Stan Getz, as well as most Dutch avant-garde artists.

In 2006, the festival moved to its current, bigger, location in Rotterdam. This year, the festival will host more than a thousand musicians, spread out over 150 performances and thirteen different stages. Though the numbers of visitors were between 65.000 and 70.000 in recent years, the festival still manages to retain its intimate character.

Connect direct with North Sea Jazz Festival and plan at trip of a lifetime at NorthSeaJazz.Com

Shorty Rogers - Godfather of West Coast Jazz

Here is a flashback to a mentor and wonderful friend, Shorty Rogers :)

The first two videos below are from Frankly Jazz, a half-hour television program produced in Los Angeles in the early 1960s. Each program featured one or more prominent West Coast Jazz performer of the day. Frankly Jazz was hosted by Frank Evans, a leading jazz disk jockey of the day. Enjoy! GC

Shorty Rogers plays 'Martian Bossanova' (Live on Frankly Jazz)

Shorty Rogers 'Time Was' (Live on Frankly Jazz)

Shorty Rogers and His Giants - Time Was (1962)
Band: Gary Peacock-bass, Lou Levy-piano, Larry Bunker-drums, Gary Lefebvre-woodwinds, Shorty Rogers-flugelhorn.

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Came across Elliot Glass on YouTube a while back and immediately loved his films of LA indie bands shot in what seems to be various living rooms. He has amassed a bunch of great recordings. His crew at Little Videos records the sound beautifully and the photography/video work is pretty darned good and always fits. Here is another cool shoot of local Echo Park/Los Angeles band, Willoughby.

Willoughby - "This Will Be Your Drink"

Connect direct with Willoughby at

Connect direct with Little Videos
Sound: Gus Seyffert
Camera: Elliot Glass & Dave Smallen

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life

One of the greatest artists and civil rights activists in the history of modern music, also known as The High Priestess of Soul, Nina Simone was a true original.

This live concert footage, captured in the summer of 1969 when she performed at the Harlem Cultural Festival in Harlem's Mount Morris Park, is a treasure. Enjoy! GC

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life (Live in Harlem 1969)

Here is some more live concert footage shot in London in 1968, where she performs the same song, for a audience in Europe, at a slightly slower tempo and cops a subdued groove than the take above. Enjoy!

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life (Live in London 1968)

Nina Simone's legacy continues at her official website: NinaSimone.Com

Gary Clark Jr.

Music Television presents Gary Clark Jr. at Crossroads Guitar Festival

Since the mid 1990's, Gary Clark Jr. had been activly woodshedding and gigging hard and had developed a strong organic fan base. In 2010, a mix of preparation and fate landed him at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival where Gary Clark Jr. was introduced to a wider source of new fans that includes this network. Thank you, EC!

Just below is his song titled Bright Lights, performed live at the Crossroads Guitar Festival.

Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights - (Live at Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010)

Gary Clark Jr. - Don't Owe You A Thing (Live at Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010)

Gary Clark Jr. - If You Love Me Like You Say (Live At The Foundry)

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Trixie Whitley - I'd Rather Go Blind

LiveMusicTelevision.Com presents Trixie Whitley and a live video of her song titled I'd Rather Go Blind

Here is Trixie Whitley performing her song titled I'd Rather Go Blind, not to be confused the song of the same title by Etta James. She is accompanied by Daniel Lanois who is conducting the session and Brian Blade on drums. Enjoy!

Trixie Whitley I'd Rather Go Blind - (with Daniel Lanois conducting and Brian Blade on Drums)

Connect direct with Trixie Whitley at TrixieWhitley.Com


Don Cornelius - Pioneering Music Television Innovator - 1936-2012

So sad to hear about the death of the legend, Don Cornelius. Had the privilege of meeting him and shaking his hand at the 1995 NATPE Convention in Las Vegas where I told him how badass I thought he was. He didn't even crack a smile, but it didn't matter. What a great man, who paved the way for so many great artists. GC


Connect direct with Soul Train, where Mr. Cornelius' legacy grooves on: SoulTrain.Com

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Besame Mucho - Ikira Baru

February is the Month of Love! First song that came to mind is Besame Mucho and a fantastic rendition from Colombian artist, Ikira Baru

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Rufus & Chaka Khan - Tell Me Something Good

Check out Bob Hope's voice introducing Rufus & Chaka Khan when Chaka Khan was not yet a household name. Tell Me Something Good, written by Stevie Wonder, was released in 1974 and peaked at #3 on the charts.

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Classic 1973 David Bowie TV Performance - Jean Genie

Bowie Live on BBC's Top of the Pops in 1973. This story on the video from the poster on YouTube: "cameraman John Henshall"s film that he kept ... the bbc wiped the show..John had developed the "fisheye" lens used in the filming and kept his own copy...WELL DONE JOHN!'s a brilliant document of a great band and song!"

Bowie performs Starmen on BBC Top of the Pops (different date and story than from video above)

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Sarah Buxton

Sarah Buxton - Wings- Acoustic Music Video w/ Jedd Hughes

Sarah Buxton - That Kind of Day - Acoustic Music Video w/ Jedd Hughes

Sarah Buxton - Outside My Window - Acoustic Music Video w/ Jedd Hughes

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The Black Keys on One Shot Not

One of the great well shot live performances ever caught of The Black Keys on the French TV Channel known as ARTE.

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Nina Simone - Why? (The King of Love is Dead) live in 1968

via one of the greatest living indie artists, Gaby Moreno, I found this beautiful tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Recorded live on April 7, 1968, three days after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. and performed at the Westbury Music Fair, Nina Simone dedicated her performance to King's memory. The song was written by her bass player, Gene Taylor.

Eric Burdon with the Brian Auger Band - Spill The Wine & Roadhouse Blues (Live, 1991)

No intro needed....

Spill The Wine (live at the Belly Up Tavern in Solano Beach, California)

Roadhouse Blues (live at the Belly Up Tavern in Solano Beach, California)

Eric Burdon - vocals
Brian Auger - keyboards
Dave Meros - bass
Larry Wilkins - guitar
Karma Auger - drums

Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Gotye - Cover)

via the fantastic recording artist and hit songwriter Dan Navarro, first heard about the biggest viral sensation of the moment that is worthy of being such.

Hear some Dan Navarro :)

Rap from around the world....

Came across a rapper in Romania named Omu Gnom. He has his very own project as well as participating in projects such as Ateliere de Creatie. Really hope to get some English subtitled videos from these guys.

Ateliere de Creatie - Zero Barat

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2CELLOS (Sulic & Hauser) - Welcome To The Jungle

These guys deserve a lucrative contract with Red Bull.

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Hear more from 2Cellos and buy some MP3 downloads :)

Hollie Smith - A New Zealand artist worth noticing

Hollie Smith of New Zealand is one artist worth noticing if you love soul girls who lay it down for real. This is a 2007 live performance at a New Zealand music awards show. Hollie Smith has much new material, most of it is excellent. But something about her when she sits down in front of a keyboard and sings her heart out live, is great. Enjoy! GC

Hollie Smith - I Will Do (live)

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