Jade Bird (Tasty Live Recordings)

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Live Music Television is proud to present a tasty series of live recordings by a young British artist named Jade Bird who records Americana style country songs. She is signed to Glassnote Records. Her band mates include Matt Johnson on drums, Jesske Hume on bass, Will Rees on guitar and David Baron on keyboards. The live videos were directed by Tobias Ross-Southall. (Additional production credits listed below)

Jade Bird - Cathedral (Live at Dreamland Studios, NY)

Jade Bird - What Am I Here For (Live in Palenville, NY)

Jade Bird - Something American (Live at Dreamland Studios, NY)

And, the next two videos are live recordings of two cover songs. The first video is of a Son House cover titled Grinnin' In Your Face.

Jade Bird - Grinnin' In Your Face (Son House Cover)

The final recording below is a Johnny Cash cover of his song titled I've Been Everywhere.

Jade Bird - I've Been Everywhere (Johnny Cash Cover)

Connect direct with Jade Bird at Jade-Bird.com, Facebook.com/JadeBirdMusic, Instagram.com/jadebirdmusic and Twitter.com/jadebirdmusic

Connect direct with Glassnote Records at Glassnote.Com, Facebook.Com/Glassnote, Instagram.Com/GlassnoteMusic and Twitter.Com/GlassnoteMusic

Director: Tobias Ross-Southall
Produced by: Tobias Ross-Southall, Simone Felice and UROK Management
DOP: Michael Townley
Focus: Nestor Marmol
Gaffer: Pierre Rueda
Mixed by: David Baron
Engineered by: Pete Hanlon and David Baron

Mr. Jukes - Live At The Church

Live-Music-Television presents Mr. Jukes and his filmed performances Live At The Chuch

Live-Music-Television is proud to present Mr. Jukes and a fabulous session band of real players, including a horn section and three additional vocalists, performing live versions of songs from his tasty debut album named God First.

The live films were produced and directed by Louis Bhose.

Mr Jukes - Angels and Your Love (Live At The Church)

Mr Jukes - Grant Green (Live At The Church)

See the official music video to the studio recording of Mr. Jukes song titled Grant Green featuring the late great soul singer, Charles Bradley on The Indies Network site, The Indies at TheIndies.com/2017/11/the-indies-animated-mr-jukes.html

Connect direct with Mr. Jukes at JukesJukes.Com, Facebook.com/mrjukesmusic, Instagram.com/mrjukesmusic and Twitter.com/mrjukesmusic

Connect direct with Louis Bhose at LouisBhose.Com, Instagram.com/louisbhose and Twitter.com/louisbhose

The Indies is featuring Mr. Jukes official music video for the song Grant Green, featuring the vocals of the late great Charles Bradley, at the following link: TheIndies.com/2017/11/the-indies-animated-mr-jukes.html