Besame Mucho - Ikira Baru

February is the Month of Love! First song that came to mind is Besame Mucho and a fantastic rendition from Colombian artist, Ikira Baru

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Rufus & Chaka Khan - Tell Me Something Good

Check out Bob Hope's voice introducing Rufus & Chaka Khan when Chaka Khan was not yet a household name. Tell Me Something Good, written by Stevie Wonder, was released in 1974 and peaked at #3 on the charts.

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Classic 1973 David Bowie TV Performance - Jean Genie

Bowie Live on BBC's Top of the Pops in 1973. This story on the video from the poster on YouTube: "cameraman John Henshall"s film that he kept ... the bbc wiped the show..John had developed the "fisheye" lens used in the filming and kept his own copy...WELL DONE JOHN!'s a brilliant document of a great band and song!"

Bowie performs Starmen on BBC Top of the Pops (different date and story than from video above)

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Sarah Buxton

Sarah Buxton - Wings- Acoustic Music Video w/ Jedd Hughes

Sarah Buxton - That Kind of Day - Acoustic Music Video w/ Jedd Hughes

Sarah Buxton - Outside My Window - Acoustic Music Video w/ Jedd Hughes

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The Black Keys on One Shot Not

One of the great well shot live performances ever caught of The Black Keys on the French TV Channel known as ARTE.

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Nina Simone - Why? (The King of Love is Dead) live in 1968

via one of the greatest living indie artists, Gaby Moreno, I found this beautiful tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Recorded live on April 7, 1968, three days after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. and performed at the Westbury Music Fair, Nina Simone dedicated her performance to King's memory. The song was written by her bass player, Gene Taylor.

Eric Burdon with the Brian Auger Band - Spill The Wine & Roadhouse Blues (Live, 1991)

No intro needed....

Spill The Wine (live at the Belly Up Tavern in Solano Beach, California)

Roadhouse Blues (live at the Belly Up Tavern in Solano Beach, California)

Eric Burdon - vocals
Brian Auger - keyboards
Dave Meros - bass
Larry Wilkins - guitar
Karma Auger - drums

Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Gotye - Cover)

via the fantastic recording artist and hit songwriter Dan Navarro, first heard about the biggest viral sensation of the moment that is worthy of being such.

Hear some Dan Navarro :)

Rap from around the world....

Came across a rapper in Romania named Omu Gnom. He has his very own project as well as participating in projects such as Ateliere de Creatie. Really hope to get some English subtitled videos from these guys.

Ateliere de Creatie - Zero Barat

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2CELLOS (Sulic & Hauser) - Welcome To The Jungle

These guys deserve a lucrative contract with Red Bull.

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Hollie Smith - A New Zealand artist worth noticing

Hollie Smith of New Zealand is one artist worth noticing if you love soul girls who lay it down for real. This is a 2007 live performance at a New Zealand music awards show. Hollie Smith has much new material, most of it is excellent. But something about her when she sits down in front of a keyboard and sings her heart out live, is great. Enjoy! GC

Hollie Smith - I Will Do (live)

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