Lake Street Dive - I Want You Back

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Typically don't feature cover songs here, but loving this inspired group known as Lake Street Dive performing their rendition of The Jackson 5 hit "I Want You Back", live on a Boston sidewalk. It's from their EP titled Fun Machine, which is available on iTunes. Enjoy! GC

Lake Street Dive - I Want You Back (Originally by The Jackson 5)

Below is an original song by Lake Street Dive titled Bad Self Portraits.

Lake Street Dive - Bad Self Portraits (Live from Pickathon 2012)

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Miles Davis - Live in 1967

Excellent 1967 live recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet featuring Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams, live in Germany.

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Allen Stone Live

Tasty live performance hosted by Seattle Washington's KEXP radio at an event they hosted in Austin during SXSW last year. This was filmed at Mellow Johnny's, a bike shop owned by Lance Armstrong in Austin.

Allen Stone is one of the baddest live soul performers living. The dude sings his ass off. Look out for Stones latest record being released February 25, 2013. Enjoy! GC

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A Valentines Day post from Gaby Moreno

Gaby Moreno, dressed in red and playing a red fuitar, made a Valentine's Day post od an acoustic version of her beautiful original song titled Y Tu Sombra. Happy Valentine's Day!

Gaby Moreno - Y Tu Sombra (Valentines Day Post)

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Cuba Feliz

Below is the French musical-documentary Cuba Feliz, directed by Karim Dridi. It was first released in 2000, but is definitely worth watching if you have not seen it yet. The film follows a 76 year-old Cuban musician known as El Gallo as he travels throughout his country to play music with everyone he can. The doc captured the life of this senior troubadour, and a unique glimpse of life in Cuba, as he connects and bathes in Cuba's rich music culture. Runtime 1 hour 32 minutes.



Ikira Baru, Latin Heritage, MusicTelevision.Com, Music Television

Latina music princess Ikira Baru of Colombia has what she calls her Latin Heritage musical project. Here is another installment of that project with her recording of the classic song Qué será de ti? Enjoy! GC

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Prince - Rock & Roll Love Affair

Bill Withers

Tasty live performance by Bill Withers in 1973.

Ain`t No Sunshine
Lonely Town, Lonely Street
Grandma`s Hands
Use Me
Let Me In Your Life
Lean On Me

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