Rest In Peace Ronnie Montrose - 1947-2012

In the early 70's, there were some great rock bands. I was just a kid when I heard one of the baddest cats on the block: guitarist Ronnie Montrose. Sammy Hagar played in Ronnie's band known simply as Montrose. Ronnie had dozens of other collaborations with a very diverse range of artists and bands. Montrose himself, influenced entire legions of guitarists who have come up through the ranks, such as Eddie Van Halen. But, Ronnie and Sammy was the most killer combination that was so out of this world when it first came out, that it put Montrose on the map with this little kid who was living in Irvine, California. Ride that bad motor scooter all the way to rock & roll heaven, Ronnie.

Montrose - Bad Motor Scooter featuring Sammy Hagar (Live - 1974)

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