Jackie Bristow - Freedom (filmed live in concert)

Live Music Television filmed live performance of Jackie Bristow and Mark Punch performing Freedom.

This video is of a indie music great from New Zealand named Jackie Bristow. Along with her main music sidekick and guitarist, Mark Punch, they exude the sort of authenticity and the right twang that has them destined for major country music stardom.

In addition to Mark, Jackie always has great handpicked inspired musicians supporting her no matter where she is in the world. She has the right friends in the right places who have made the shows I have seen, stellar. She rolls into any situation and makes it sound great!

The first video below was filmed in Santa Ynez, California, at a spot called Maverick Saloon for the saloon's Tales from the Tavern Concert Series.

Jackie is backed by Mark Punch on guitar with Carole Colone, the local promoter of the concert series who is typically not a member of the band, sitting in on percussion. Carole is instrumental in producing the ongoing Tales from the Tavern Concert Series. Bravo for a performance and video & audio recording well done!

Please click the play button, choose high-res & full screen and sit back & enjoy this music video which will automatically be followed by several hours of handpicked music videos. Press forward to skip any video or click the rewind button to replay or return to previous songs.

Jackie Bristow - Freedom - Live Performance

See one more great live filmed take of Jackie Bristow and her stellar song titled Whilstle Blowin', at this link: LiveMusicTelevision.com/2017/04/jackie-bristow-whistle-blowin-live.html

Connect direct with Jackie Bristow at JackieBristow.Com, Facebook.com/JackieBristowMusic, Twitter.com/jackiebristow, Instagram.com/jackiebristow and on Soundcloud.com/jackie-bristow

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