10 year old R&B Crooner Nails It

LiveMusicTelevision.Com presents 10 year old soul singer Vicus Visser of South Africa

This 10 year old boy, in the video below, is from South Africa. He sings while playing an acoustic 6 string guitar which he treats as if it is a bass guitar. He plays and sings in a deliberate and precise way, showing that he understands R&B music as if he were a seasoned pro, nails the vocals with a sweet soul that would make Sam Cooke and Michael Jackson proud.

Since this was first posted to this network in December 2010, we finally learned the identity of the boy singing in the above video after he began gaining more notoriety. His name is Vicus Visser. Whilst his Facebook and Twitter page has not been updated lately and does not seem to be active, try his Facebook at Facebook.com/vicusjonathan.visser and a innactive band account at Twitter.com/v4muzik