OK Go, This Too Shall Pass at MOOG SOUND LAB

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Many may remember Ok Go as we posted their amazing conceptual video to their song entitled This Too Shall Pass here back in March 2010. Click the following link to see their original conceptual video to this great song: http://blog.musictelevision.com/2010/03/ok-go-video-this-too-shall-pass-rube.html

Right here, however, OK Go performs an all MOOG version of their song "This Too Shall Pass" from the 2010 album "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky" down at The MOOG Sound Lab.

The mood and tempo are set by Andy Ross via the Little Phatty's arpeggiator and staccato sound creating the perfect MOOG canvas for Damian and Tim.

Damian Kulash discovers the wonder of Full Sustain mode on the Moog guitar. Because of this, he was able to create a flowing violin esque melody and feel with little need for picking or strumming.

Tim Nordwind fills it all out with the Taurus 3 in Hand Mode. It's massive low register sound creates the perfect tone and ambience to pull the instruments together in this unique rendition of "This Too Shall Pass".


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